Friday, January 16, 2015

Display Cubic

This is display cubic made with transparent acrylic sheet and can make with other plastic as per your requirement, other then this, ABS or ABS PC plastic for the other locking part.

Important guidelines for making display cubes for showcase
    • Use 4 mm transparent Acrylic sheet and cut according to your design [shape & size] with laser cut [for smooth & aesthetic cutting edge], you can cut with conventional machine also but need to care from scratches. and correct dimensions & position of holes if any.   
    • Inside surface in acrylic of your display part you can use the self adhesive film according to your graphics design. [for shiny and aesthetic look]
    • Assemble easily with 4 bottom plastic part  and other 8 nos of side corner plastic part and its lock.
    • First take base Acrylic sheet which consists 4 holes in the corner and then lock the all 4 side sheet and put 4 corner lock to arrest all the movement of side & bottom sheet.
    • The height of the example cube is 800 mm so need two person to easy assembly, put 4 L corner locks on the top of the cube and lock it. 
    • Bottom Plastic part you may make through Injection moulding [for mass production] for proto  and less quantity you may go for 3D print with ABS plastic or machining. For long life can machining with aluminum and can get different surface treatment and coloring.
    • Put another 4 L corner with lock in the middle then put the top acrylic sheet. and your display cube showcase is ready. Enjoy this.
    Bottom Plastic, Qty: 04 Nos.
    Lock for Bottom Plastic, Qty: 04 Nos
    Bottom Acrylic Sheet, Qty: 01 No.
    Side L Corner, Qty: 08 Nos.
    Lock for Side L Corner, Qty: 08 Nos.

    Side Acrylic Sheet, Qty: 04 Nos.

    Top Acrylic Sheet, Qty: 01 No.
    Final Sample Cubic Big [Yellow Shade]
    Final Sample Cubic Big [Blue Shade]
    Final Sample Cubic Small [Blue Shade]

    Final Sample Cubic Small [Yellow Shade]